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Investment PortFolios

$1,000 -

Starter Plan

0.65% Daily

18.2% Monthly

Total Returns: 127.4%

Referral Bonus: 5%

Contract Period: 7 Months

$5,000 -

Standard Plan

0.75% Daily

21% Monthly

Total Returns: 147%

Referral Bonus: 8%

Contract Period: 7 Months

$15,000 -

Premium Plan

0.9% Daily

25.2% Monthly

Total Returns: 176.4%

Referral Bonus: 10%

Contract Period: 7 Months

$25,000 -

Platinum Plan

1.15% Daily

32.2% Monthly

Total Returns: 225%

Referral Bonus: 15%

Contract Period: 7 Months

$50,000 -

Diamond Plan

1.4% Daily

39.2% Monthly

Total Returns: 274.4%

Referral Bonus: 20%

Contract Period: 7 Months

Capital Access Investments not only teaches other people how to trade, the company financial managers also provide professional investment services. If you are not willing to trade on your own but still want to have a stable income, then refer to our experts and we will help you to realize the potential of your investment budget. To do this, you only need to make a deposit, and our traders will do the rest. To increase our financial assets on accounts and as well as to continue its growth the company offers favorable terms of profitable interaction between traders and investors. We are making such proposal for everyone regardless of understanding of the market structure and principles of multi-currency trading as well. Expert Trading offers several plans of same investment strategy. Depending on your preferences and the size of your deposit, you can get your profit at the end of a certain period.

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With over 12 years of experience in investment management(banking and technology sector), I highly recommend CapitalAccess Investment. Their Financial engagement has proven to be the best.


Representing the management of the company, we thank God for our Investment with CapitalAccess Investment,your plans and business support has helped with transitioning our company, creating quality frameworks and branching strategies, we intend making our investments stronger.Thank you CapitalAccess!


I started Investing with CapitalAccess some months ago, met Helen here, a business oriented Lady. We combined Funds and went in for a Larger project, it has been an awesome experience ever since.Thank you CapitalAccess.

Marilyn Scott
Virginia, US

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